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CAPT delegates elect statewide officers

On Sept. 22, the 2016 CAPT Delegation elected CAPT’s statewide leadership. Past Metro Chapter President Eric Soto (center) was elected CAPT state president in a race between himself and incumbent State President Juan Nolasco. Soto’s term as the Association’s State President began immediately upon adjournment of CAPT’s 32nd Annual Meeting. Download flier.

Contract Survey

Survey expires Sept. 30!

CAPT’s contract negotiations are at a standstill and we need your input to move forward. CAPT has prepared a contract survey to collect feedback from BU 18 employees on important, yet contentious issues. To participate in the survey, please visit Download survey flier.


Is the investigatory interview administrative or criminal?

Make sure you know the difference and your rights 

It has come to the attention of CAPT that the Office of Protective Services has recently initiated some new practices at PDC that employees should be aware of. First, investigators have begun demanding personal information and driver’s licenses from members after incidents. CAPT has been informed that this has now been made a requirement by PDC and we have requested to meet and confer before this requirement goes into effect. Second, OPS has begun to initiate investigatory interviews almost immediately after an incident, without clarifying first with the CAPT members they are questioning whether the interview is part of an administrative or criminal investigation. Due to the dual roles of OPS at PDC as both administrative and criminal investigators, there is often a lack of clarity on this point. However, as detailed below, it is essential that you confirm whether you are being administratively or criminally interviewed, as you have different rights in each situation. If there is any confusion on this point, it is best to contact a CAPT representative immediately to assist you. Download flier.

CAPT does not provide criminal representation

In cases involving criminal charges, seek a criminal lawyer 

If you are the subject of a criminal investigation or have been criminally charged or arrested for an alleged criminal activity, CAPT cannot represent you. Union attorneys cannot provide criminal representation, even if the alleged criminal activity occurred during working hours. Examples of criminal activity while working may include the death or injury of a patient, client or inmate, sexual assault or a major drug investigation. For these and other types of criminal offenses, you should seek legal representation from an attorney specializing in criminal law. CAPT does not provide criminal representation, nor does it reimburse members who retain a criminal lawyer in connection with their case. Download flier.

CAPT files lawsuit over safety retirement at PDC

Having exhausted all administrative remedies, CAPT has filed a writ of mandate and breach of contract lawsuit against DDS and CalHR for failing to comply with our MOU and meeting and conferring with CAPT for purposes of implementing safety retirement to PDC employees in the miscellaneous category. As many of you are aware, our MOU contains a provision to implement safety retirement for all PDC employees once the forensic population reaches 50 percent. 

Article 8.7(g) of our MOU states clearly: Download flier