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DSH Internal Registry Policy Directive

The California Department of State Hospitals has introduced, for the purpose of reducing overtime, an Internal Registry Policy Directive that establishes, uniformly, a pool of registry staff and guidelines at each DSH facility. The policy, partially driven by CAPT’s strong advocacy to reduce mandatory overtime, was discussed at length during a recent meeting between CAPT and DSH representatives. During the meeting, CAPT expressed its concerns that the required shift increase would impact registry staff at some facilities; the state, however, was eager to begin implementation. Download flier.

Governor signs CAPT’s MOU into law

CAPT’s tentative agreement with the State of California was signed into law Wednesday by Gov. Brown, putting every contract provision, including our retroactive pay raises, into immediate effect. The agreement, reached Dec. 8, entered the legislative process after Bargaining Unit 18 member respondents voted 98 percent in January to ratify the agreement. Once BU 18 members signed off on the agreement, the contract language was drafted into Senate Bill 28 and presented to the Legislature for approval. On Feb. 17, the Senate passed the bill to the Assembly on a 27-7 vote, who then passed the measure to the governor on a 61-14 vote. Download flier.

CAPT seeks answers at recent Lift & Shift meeting

CAPT activists and consultants met with state representatives from DSH, CDCR/CCHCS, and CalHR to discuss the state’s ‘Lift and Shift’ proposal and its implications on BU 18 employees working at the affected facilities. Present at the meeting with your questions in hand were Stockton Chapter officers Jamila O’Neal, Emmanuel Inyama and Toni King, and Northern Corrections Chapter President Kim Souza and Job Steward Tia Logan, California Medical Facility, Vacaville, and State President Eric Soto and CAPT Consultants Ann Lyles, Coby Pizzotti and Attorney Sean Bedrosian. Download flier.

Help state-employed coworkers through Catastrophic Leave donations

Kathy Gustafson, PT - CSP-Sac, was recently added to CAPT's list of BU 18 members in need of Catastrophic Leave donations. To learn how to donate, please Download flier.

Legislature passes CAPT's MOU to governor

Today, the State Assembly voted 58 - 14 approving Senate Bill 28, the legislation containing CAPT’s tentative agreement and contract language. The measure now moves to the governor for his signature. Our agreement with the State of California must be ratified by the Legislature and governor before its provisions can go into effect. Download flier.