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Outreach, May/June 2016

The May/June 2016 Outreach is available online. Download now.

Contract Negotiations 2016

More sessions needed

CAPT’s bargaining efforts for a new contract are far from over. Additional sessions are needed and have been scheduled for June 28, 29 and 30.

In June, team members held working caucuses to finalize CAPT’s remaining proposals. To date, CAPT has presented all but one of its 66 proposals. Of those proposals, 63 seek to improve existing sections of our contract, while the other three seek to create brand new sections within the contract. The state, on the other hand, sunshined the entire contract, all 144 sections. The State typically sunshines the entire document so that it is free to introduce proposals on any given section of the contract at any time throughout negotiations. Between both ours and the state’s proposals, tentative agreements were drawn on 104 items, of which more than half were rollovers, those sections of the contract that are simply rolled over without discussion because they lack contention. There are 44 outstanding sections that still need to be bargained. Download flier.

CAPT-sponsored Life Insurance Enhanced for Active Members

In addition to the numerous benefits and programs offered exclusively to CAPT’s active union members, the association has recently been able to increase coverage of the sponsored life insurance it provides for all active CAPT members. Download flier.

Deadline for CAPT's 2016 Anthony Myers Memorial Scholarship Program is fast approaching

Don’t let this opportunity slip by! 

CAPT is still accepting applications for the 12th round of scholarships it plans to award to students enrolled in Psych Tech education programs.

For applications to be considered, they must be postmarked no later than July 15, 2016. The scholarship winners will be announced at CAPT’s 32nd Annual Meeting, scheduled in late September. Download flier

2016 Annual Meeting - Southern and Northern Corrections Chapters

On September 20-22, the California Association of Psychiatric Technicians will hold its 32nd Annual Meeting. This year’s meeting will be hosted by the Napa, Northern Corrections, Sonoma and Stockton Chapters and will be held at the Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel in South Lake Tahoe.

Each year this conference provides for CAPT chapter officers and elected delegates a voice in establishing or amending the language by which the Association is governed. It also offers members an excellent opportunity to network with CAPT’s Board of Directors, its consultants and other members from each of the Association’s 12 chapters.

Letters of interest must be submitted no later than Monday, July 4 to be eligible for consideration.

Download Southern Corrections Chapter 2016 Annual Meeting Flier 
Download Northern Corrections Chapter 2016 Annual Meeting Flier