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The PDAS track Location for Safety, not Hours for Timekeeping

CAPT wants to reassure BU 18 members employed at state hospitals where the use of Personal Duress Alarms Systems have been implemented, namely Patton, Metro and Napa, to not worry about the device tracking your working hours on site, even with the application of hardware updates. Download flier.

ASP ADSeg Unit to Remain Open

CAPT was recently notified by the Legislative Director for CCHCS that the ADSeg unit at Avenal State Prison will remain open. Roughly a month ago, CAPT learned that Avenal State Prison was going to deactivate their ADSeg unit in 45 days. The news to deactivate the unit came only 60 days after Avenal hired five new psych techs to work the unit. With the looming closure of the unit, BU 18 members were going to be redirected to Pleasant Valley State Prison. Dowload flier.

CalPERS hosts benefits education event

CalPERS is hosting a Benefits Education Event at Squaw Creek in Olympic Valley on April 10-11 to inform members about programs and benefits available to them. The CalPERS press release is accessible at:

Show your Support for Metro

Come and support Metro on Wednesday, March 25, 2015 from 10 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Metropolitan State Hospital psych techs are protesting excessive mandates, and countless contract-overtime violations all of which contribute to an environment that is unsafe for patients and staff. Wear RED in solidarity.  Download flier.


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