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Northern Corrections Leadership Announcement

Due to unavoidable circumstances, Northern Corrections Chapter President Jennifer Are has requested a leave of absence through the term of her office. In accordance with CAPT Bylaws, Vice President Kim Souza has filled the post as Interim President, effective immediately. Souza’s interim presidency will remain effective until the chapter elections are concluded on May 18. Download flier.

Psych Tech Burnout Study

Respondents Needed! Survey expires March 25.

Visit to participate!!

Sarah Elizabeth Hernandez, a former Psych Tech and graduate student at the University of California, San Bernardino, has received approval by a subcommittee of the university’s Institutional Review Board to conduct research on predicting burnout among psychiatric technicians, a topic that has been extensively studied in other professions, but not ours.

The study will explore the predictive factors of burnout (psychological and physical responses to workplace stress) among PTs and PTAs. The study will also examine the self-care techniques employed by PTs and PTAs to help them cope with the challenging demands of the profession. Download flier

Don't let your chance to DECLARE pass you by!

If you’re planning to run for a CAPT Chapter office, don’t miss these important deadlines!


To run for office, you must have been a CAPT member and completed job steward training by January 1, 2016.


March 10 is the deadline for fi ling a declaration of candidacy with CAPT Headquarters. If fi led by mail, it must be postmarked by March 10. We recommend that it be mailed by “certified mail, return receipt requested.” If fi led by FAX, it must be received at CAPT Headquarters by 5 p.m., March 10. A declaration must be signed by the candidate for it to be considered valid. (Declarations must also include your address and phone number - for CAPT use only.) Dowload flier.

Membership Matters

Fee-payers are not members

Ninety percent of state-employed Psych Techs are already members. Are you? Fee-payers often believe that since they pay fees to the union, they must be CAPT members. This is not true. As a fee-payer, the amount of your monthly “fair-share fees” is slightly less than what you would pay as a dues-paying member. However, your benefits as a fee-payer are also reduced.

Be a part of the Psych Tech legacy. Lend your name, prepare your voice and join today!

Take a stand for unity and join the only organization dedicated entirely to Psych Techs. Unity in CAPT makes us strong, solidifying our visibility and influence.  Download flier.

Yep, it's that time again

Did you know a portion of your union dues or fees is tax deductible?

Federal law requires CAPT to give you a written estimate of how much of your membership dues or fair share fees go to the organization’s lobbying and political expenses. The majority of the dues or fees you pay is allowable as an “employee business expense” deduction under your federal income tax. And your state tax is linked to the federal tax. However, the part of your dues or fees that CAPT uses for political contributions and lobbying on behalf of Psych Techs is not tax-deductible. Download flier.