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REVISION: May 7 inmate movement meeting with CCHCS rescheduled for May 18

The CCHCS rescheduled its May 7 meeting for May 18 at 4:00 p.m. The CCHCS needed to postpone its meeting with CAPT until it had the opportunity to review the revised state budget, which is released mid-May. For more information, download updated flier.

CAPT to meet with CCHCS over recent plans to move inmates

CAPT has recently confirmed that CDCR has made last-minute changes with regard to inmate movement between institutions, which could impact our positions at some prisons. The level of impact at this time is not known.

CAPT contacted CCHCS about the issue and has learned that CCHCS was not aware of CDCR’s last-minute change. Download flier.

About Adverse Actions for Bargaining Unit 18 members

An adverse action is the state’s formal method of taking disciplinary action against a permanent civil service employee. Adverse action means dismissal, demotion, suspension, and reduction in salary or an official letter of reprimand (LOR).

Other personnel actions such as rejection during probation period, automatic resignation, involuntary resignation, layoff for economic reasons and medical termination or demotion are not identified as adverse actions. Download flier.

Committee passes on Consent CAPT-sponsored AB 222

CAPT-sponsored AB 222 by Assemblyman Katcho Achadjian (R-San Luis Obispo) was approved today by the Assembly Appropriations Committee and placed upon the Consent Calendar for approval by the full Assembly. AB 222 is a safety measure that secures from public disclosure members’ personal information found in records owned by the Department of Motor Vehicles. Bills may be placed on the Consent Calendar for Floor approval if they are noncontroversial, received zero “no” votes and have had no opposition expressed by any person present at the hearing. Download flier.

The March/April issue of the Outreach in now online!

The March/April issue of the CAPT Outreach magazine is now available online.  Click here to read or download, or go to the About Us section and click on the Outreach icon.