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CalPERS hosts benefits education event in San Diego, May 8-9

The California Public Employees' Retirement System is hosting a Benefits Education Event in San Diego to inform members in a three-county region about programs and benefits available to them. This event will take place at the Doubletree San Diego/Mission Valley Hotel on Friday, May 8 and Saturday, May 9, 2015. The CalPERS press release with more information is accessible at

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Marine Corps Vet gets the shaft

Back in November (the day before Veterans’ Day), a program director and nursing coordinator pulled rank and strings to help an employee escape a mandated shift. The action resulted in a Sr. Psych Tech and Marine Corps veteran being mandated out of turn.

To make matters worse, the action occurred after management was advised by the Central Staffing Office and CAPT that the employee was up for mandate.

CAPT quickly filed a Formal Complaint that was casually dismissed by the acting clinical administrator. CAPT appealed the Formal Complaint’s dismissal to the executive director who has since failed to respond. Download flier

What's Happening at DSH-Stockton?

CAPT’s DSH-Stockton Chapter President Jamila O’Neal, Chapter Job Steward Betty Burns and CAPT Consultant Ann Lyles met with DSH management on Friday, March 27 to address staffing changes relative to Post and Bid. Following is the outcome of the meeting:  Download flier.

CAPT is now accepting applications for its 2015 Anthony Myers Memorial Scholarship Program

CAPT is now accepting applications for the eleventh round of scholarships it will award to students enrolled in Psych Tech education programs.

Last year the CAPT Board of Directors voted to rename the union’s annual scholarship program the Anthony Myers Memorial Scholarship Program in honor of CAPT’s previous state president who passed away from cancer. The Board agreed that it was only fitting to rename the program after Tony, who was not only instrumental in establishing the scholarship program, but dedicated to the education of Psych Techs and advancement of the profession. Tony was first elected as state president in 2000. He continued to be re-elected and held office through 2013. Download flier. Download Application.

The PDAS track Location for Safety, not Hours for Timekeeping

CAPT wants to reassure BU 18 members employed at state hospitals where the use of Personal Duress Alarms Systems have been implemented, namely Patton, Metro and Napa, to not worry about the device tracking your working hours on site, even with the application of hardware updates. Download flier.