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State to require COVID testing for unvaccinated employees

The ‘honor system’ is not sufficient

The State of California will soon require its unvaccinated workforce to undergo weekly testing for COVID-19. In addition, unvaccinated state employees will be required to wear a face-covering while at work. The shift in policy is directly related to the rise in COVID-19 cases throughout the state, which is currently averaging at 7,500 new cases per day, with the more contagious delta variant accounting for 83 percent of new infections nationwide. The new testing protocols are being added to the existing health and safety standards to further protect the state workforce, the public it serves and to ensure the continuity of essential state operations.

The California Department of Human Resources has directed state departments to implement procedures for collecting and maintaining employee vaccination status records by Monday, August 2, 2021. The COVID-19 testing procedures for the unvaccinated will be phased in over a period of weeks. More rigorous testing procedures are expected for employees working in state healthcare settings. Download flier. 

May/June 2021 Outreach

The May/June 2021 Outreach is available online. Download here.

State Budget eliminates vacant PIP PT positions

CAPT saves positions already filled

The State Legislature and Governor Newsom have signed off on a 2021-2022 fiscal budget that, among other things, eliminates our Psych Tech vacant positions inside the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation’s Psychiatric Inpatient Programs. As previously reported, CAPT discovered CDCR’s Budget Change Proposal in the Governor’s May Revise. The proposal was slipped into the May Revise without notifying legislative budget committee staff or impacted unions. The original BCP sought to eliminate 250 Psych Tech positions and replace them with Registered Nurses and Certified Nursing Assistants inside the PIPs at SVSP, CMF, CHCF-Stockton, CIW, and SQSP. Download flier.

CDCR implements automated meal allowance

Effective July 1, 2021

The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation has begun automating BU 18’s meal allowance, which, under Article 7.10 of our MOU, requires our employer to reimburse staff an $8.00 meal allowance whenever an employee works two or more hours beyond their regular shift. In our last contract negotiations, CAPT added language at 7.10 (D) that required CDCR, DSH, and DDS to implement an automated payment procedure that would do away with the processing of meal ticket reimbursements, an arduous task that to some employees was more trouble than it was worth. Download flier. 

Attention Stockton PIP

CAPT concludes Post and Bid Negotiations

Your CAPT representatives met yesterday with CHCF-Stockton management to negotiate the schedule change and our Post and Bid. CAPT is glad to report that the negotiations, which took a full day of bargaining, have concluded. Switching from a cycle schedule to set days off was a monumental endeavor; the task required creating a new Post and Bid from scratch. In the end, CAPT successfully achieved an equitable 70/30 split between watches, regular days off, and location. CAPT also secured our approved vacation days and Ad Hoc through the end of the year.

Provided below are the Post and Bid specifics, including shift times, format, and the tentative schedule for the Post and Bid. If you have any questions about the bid or the process, please reach out to your chapter president, Toni King, at 916-914-4818. Download flier.